Save the Children Sweden logo.

Save the Children is a politically and religiously independent organization working for all children around the world to have their rights respected.  It fights for children living in the most difficult circumstances to have a safe and healthy upbringing, to have their voices heard, and to have influence over their lives. 

Mosaic logo

Mosaic Newcomer Family Resource Network  is a rights-based organization that provides language, parenting and settlement support for newcomer parents in Winnipeg, Canada. It offers a range of family programming to help newcomers adapt to life in Canada, so that they can become active participating members in their new community. Mosaic works closely with PDEL, contributing to ongoing program development, creation and piloting of new materials and approaches, and training of Country Trainers and Program Facilitators in Manitoba in a variety of languages. Mosaic also contributes resources to PDEP training in other locations, including internationally.

Families Canada Logo

Families Canada is the national association of Family Support Centres in Canada.  It delivers education, training and tools that empower its network of 500+ organizations and thousands of frontline family service workers to do excellent work in their communities.