Who is this program for?

The program is for parents of children of all ages. It addresses common issues that arise between birth and the end of adolescence. It can be helpful for any family.

This program is also for future parents. And it is for those who support parents, such as parent educators, parent group facilitators, and family support workers.

Some children have particular challenges that are not typical for their age. These include autism, attention deficit disorder, fetal alcohol spectrum disorders, developmental delays and brain damage. If your child’s behavior is of particular concern, you should seek help and advice as early as possible. While this program can be helpful for any family, parents of children with atypical conditions are advised to seek additional guidance from specially trained professionals, such as family doctors and public health nurses.

The Parent Book

The Parent Book is available for free download from Save the Children’s Resource Centre. If you wish to purchase a hardcopy of the Parent Book, it is available from the Canadian Association of Family Resource Programs.