We are a Canadian charitable organization dedicated to promoting healthy adult-child relationships.

We work across Canada and in many other countries. In Canada, we are in the process of enhancing our programs with trauma-and-violence-informed practice. This work is funded by the Public Health Agency of Canada.

In other countries, we work primarily with partner organizations and local communities.

We provide programs for parents and caregivers to help them handle conflict with children in a way that:

  • Teaches children non-violent problem solving
  • Fosters healthy brain development
  • Strengthens their relationships
  • Respects children as learners

We provide training for professionals who want to deliver our programs:

  • To parents and caregivers of all ages, circumstances, sexual identities, languages and faiths
  • Knowledgeably and skillfully
  • Across Canada and throughout the world

We partner with organizations across Canada and around the globe who want to:

  • Introduce our programs to governments
  • Provide training for their staff
  • Scale-up our programs in a sustainable and impactful way